About Me

My mission as an artist is to remind people that life is worth living and that we are loved.

I'm Jennifer Yane.

Because my mother, Margaret Yane was a fine art painter, painting and art run in my veins.  She always gave me drawing materials when I played near her easel. As I grew, I loved drawing portraits and begged people to pose for me. I began doing life drawings at age 16 in Washington DC.  Though I was steered into the teaching profession, and later became a Public Information Officer for the State of Virginia, my heart was always in my art.

Holding degrees in English literature from Madison College and the University of Virginia,  I ultimately moved to Richmond, Virginia where my first marriage ended and I entered a 12-Step Recovery program.   My recovery gave me the courage to attend Virginia Commonwealth University on scholarship where I received a degree in Art Education.  It was always the studio classes that I loved. To earn a living I became a button maker. You can read all about that journey in the newspaper.

I am still running my button business, but it is painting that I keep returning to. I love to paint from my imagination, and I have also regained my passion for doing portraits.  Though I mostly paint portraits from photos rather than from life, people often tell me that I have captured the expression of the soul, not just a likeness.  It is this “capture”  that fuels my passion for painting images of the beings who own your heart.  And it is for this reason that I need your most special photos to work from.

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I can’t wait to fall in love with my next painting and have you fall in love too.

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Reach out and let me know what kind of art you’re looking for. I’ll give you more information about costs, timeframe, review process, shipping, and more.

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Send me your favorite photo and a few other reference photos for me to get started. I’ll put brush to canvas and bring your artwork to life. After you’ve approved the final product, I’ll ship it straight to your door. 

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Whether you are commissioning a portrait or a fine art painting for yourself or for someone important to you, we want it to be something you love. We guarantee your happiness or you pay nothing.